International Journal of Maritime Policy

The international journal of  Maritime Policy is a peer-reviewed academic research journal that is published quarterly by the Imam Khomeini Maritime Science University (IMSU). The journal has the Official Publication License No. ۸۵۹۸۸ dated ۱۶ December ۲۰۱۹ from the Iranian Ministry of Culture and will be published according to the regulation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the international journal method in humanitarian fields. The Maritime Policy publishes academic papers in English and in French in the field of Maritime Policy and the related subjects with the cooperation of distinguished scholars and researchers from Iran and other countries. This Journal covers a wide range of subjects related to the Law of the Sea and Maritime Policy. The papers can cover issues at all levels of national, regional, and international. These issues can, for example, relate to the following, but are not limited to them:

-Law Governing Maritime Zones (Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone, Exclusive Economic Zone, and Continental Shelf).

- Law Governing International Straits, including the Strait of Hormuz.

-Sustainable Development of Maritime Industry

-Sustainable Development of Maritime citys

- Law Governing Internal waters and Practice of Coastal States.

- Law Governing the High Seas and Its Legitimate Uses.

- Marine Environmental

- Marine Scientific Research Law

- Fisheries Law and Sustainable Fisheries

- Marine Tourism

- Marine Sustainable Development.

- Construction of Artificial Islands and other Authorized Installations.

- Exploitation of Oil and other Resources at Sea.

- Disputes Settlement and Competent Dispute Settlement Bodies within the framework of the Law of the Sea.

- Analysis of the Opinions of Dispute Settlement Bodies within the ۱۹۸۲ Convention on the Law of the Sea

- Maritime Security and Countering Maritime Crimes (including Maritime Terrorism and Piracy) and the Role of Navis in International Law.

-Humanitarian Aid at sea

-Maritime Law and maritime activity

-Navigation  Law

-Maritime Insurance

-Maritime food resoucerce

-Investment Law In Maritime Industry.

-Maritime Policy(the area of Private And Public Policy Concerned with The Economics of Maritime Transport, Ports and Terminals; National And International Regulation; Maritime Security and Defense; Maritime Labor; and Oceanic Law, Policy, and Management, Maritime Economic Development In National, Regional and International Level).

The international journal of Maritime Policy can also address related interdisciplinary issues in such areas as Maritime Economic Law.