Health Education & Health Promotion

Health Education & Health Promotion Journal is an open-access journal published ۴ times a year featuring peer-reviewed original articles, reviews, commentaries and reports in a wide range of areas related to health education and health promotion. 

Health Education & Health Promotion is interested in all aspects of health sciences, especially new trends and advances. It is an open- access journal that publishes peer-reviewed original scholarly work that advances the international understanding and development of health, both as a profession and as an academic discipline. All scholarly papers contributed to development and enhancement of all aspects of health education and health promotion are welcome.   

Subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:

•           Health

•           Health Education

•           Health Promotion

•           Health Behavior

•           Theory and  Model  in Health Education and Promotion

•           Health Communication

•           Community Health/Social Medicine

•           Life Style

•           Quality of Life

•           Health Policy

•           Family Health