Biomechanism and Bioenergy Research

Biomechanism and Bioenergy Research (BBR) is an open-access peer-reviewed research journal that is published semiannually as an electronic journal by Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman. The subject of the Biomechanism and Bioenergy Research reflects the wide range of topics and interdisciplinary nature of research in engineering applied to biological systems (human, animal and plants). Submitted manuscripts may report the results of experiments, theoretical analyses, designs or innovations related to mechanisms of biosystems as well as utilization of biomaterial for bioenergy production and consumption.  

In the subfield of Biomechanism, the journal welcomes original and review manuscripts describing analytical and mathematical modelling, numerical techniques, mechanical analysis of plant, and animal and human structures and tissues. Design, optimization and analysis of machines for feed, fiber and food production, human assistive machines and livestock-related machineries are also considered for publication.

In the Bioenergy section, the journal covers a wide range of areas related to production, utilization, and consumption of various forms of bioenergy including bioenergy resources, biochemical processes, biomass residues, biomaterial processing, fermentation, thermochemical conversions of biomass, bioenergy performance, environmental issues, biofuel, fuel and energy properties of biomaterials.