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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 24 خرداد 1393

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Qeshm channel or strait of Khuran(Fig1.) is one of the most important maritime regions of Iran. Existence of the most important ports of Iran(Rajaee and Bahonar port) in the East and the mostwater habitat(mangroves) of country and high capacity development of north and south shores,has given especially important economic, environmental and strategic to this region. Achieveing flow parameters to this range by using numerical models provides useful information forsubsequent research in the field of environment, sediment,tidal and navigation. Numerical modeling in this study carried out by using models of Delft3d,Mike3,Mike21. Afterdetermining the Environmental specifications and formation of network of computation with irregular triangle, boundary conditions of local fluctuations in water level resulting from tide in open borders of channel were applied. hydrodynamic model was carried out once in threedimensionalto validate the results with three-dimensional field datas in the east, central and westof project area. After that The two-dimensional hydrodynamic module for simulating tidal flows was used qualitatively and quantitatively for solar year (2005


alireza Arvin

M.Sc.student , Hormozgan university

amin sadeghi

M.Sc.student , hormozgan ports and maritime organization

mojtaba tajziehchi

assistant professor , Hormozgan university