Analysis and identification of malignant cells with artificial intelligence technique (SDVHA

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Early cancer detection has significant clinical value, but there remains no single method that can comprehensively identify multiple types of early-stage cancer. Here, we SDVH Analytics (SDVHA) is an application to build a local database of treatment planning data for historical comparisons and statistical analysis. SDVHA builds a SQ database of SDVHs and various planning parameters from DICOM files (i.e., Plan, Structure, Dose). In addition to viewing SDVH data, this software provides methods to download queried data, cre- ate time-series plots, calculate correlations, generate multi-variable linear & machine learning regressions, and generate control charts.

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Erfan Jamshidian

Simon Group, Isfahan, Iran

Sepehr Enteshari

Simon Group, Isfahan, Iran

Elias Karimzadeh

Simon Group, Isfahan, Iran

Fatimah Amini

Simon Group, Isfahan, Iran

Mojtaba Mohammadi

Specialized Researcher, Seta Research Center, Isfahan, Iran