An Automatic Method for Cheating Detection in Online Exams by Processing the Student s Webcam Images

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E-learning and distance education have received a great attention in today’s life. The key challenge in e-learning is the assessment of students in online exams. This is because, cheating in online exam is so easy. Hence online proctoring is necessary to prevent cheating in online exams. At the present time online proctoring is not automatic and it is done manually by human. In this paper we propose an automatic cheating detection method in online exams by processing the student’s webcam images. The proposed method has been tested on real students and the evaluation results shows that it can be applied in online exams effectively.


Khatereh Jalali

Faculty of Graduate Studies Safahan Institute of Higher Education Isfahan, Iran

Fakhroddin Noorbehbahani

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Isfahan University of Technology Isfahan, Iran