The influence of Virtual Currency On the Inflation in Iran

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Economy has developed rapidly via Internet and by the result, the virtual currency (virtual money) has been using more and more. Such a new phenomenon has varied effect on different country especially on developing countries such as Islamic Republic of Iran. There are three types of virtualcurrency as closed virtual currency scheme, virtual currency scheme with unidirectional flow and virtual currency scheme with bidirectional flow. The strength of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to control the increasingly inflation might be influenced by the three types of scheme of virtual currency in the followingportions: risk to price stability, risk to financial stability, risk to payment system, lack of regulation and loose reputation. Thereare several factors considered as the creator of the inflation in Iran but we emphasize on the most important which is Increase of the money liquidity. This paper is reviewing international researches on the impact of the virtual currency on real world and some Iranian researches on those factors, which create the inflation in Iran and lead to a result whether permission to use the virtual currency will have effect on inflation in Iran.

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Fahimeh Rami

ICT Management department, Payam Noor University Address

Negar Yousefi Boushehri

ICT Management department, Payam Noor University Shahid bagheri county, Tehran, Iran