The Impact of the Electronic Money Development in the Profitability ofDBS Banks of Singapore

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ne of the most important newdevelopments in the banking industry is thecreation of electronic money. Obviously, theuse of electronic money in the bankingindustry of in each country is evaluated asuseful when investments made by banks inthis field increase profitability. In this regard,the aim of this study is to investigate theimpact of the development of electronicmoney on the profitability ofDBS1 banks of Singapore in which the totalreturn on equity is defined as the dependentvariable, smart card index as electronicmoney variable, and market concentrationindex as the size of the bank, and the numberof ATM machines. Estimating the model isdone using annual data period between 2000to 2o11 and based on panel data econometricmodel. The main findings of this studysuggest that the development of electronicmoney has had positive impact on theprofitability of surveyed banks.


Ahmadali Rezai Economics Department, University of Isfahan

Leila Torki

Assistant Professor of Economics Department, University of Isfahan