Assessment Center developing HR Strategy Appraisal Strategy

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The term 'Assessment Center' refers to a process, not a place. They are designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual's ability, and are often used as a measure of 'future potential'. Modern Assessment Centers have developed over a number of years and have their origins in military selection procedures and subsequently the American Office of Strategic Service(0SS). However, the use of the technique in industry was pioneered by American Telephone and Telegraph in 1956. Key features of the Assessment Center approach include: * Practical exercises to assess the candidate's response across a range of activities * More than one assessor, each assessing the candidates against the same criteria. * Assessment of competencies based on clearly defined "performance indicators" * Group assessment, with typically 6 - 8 candidates attending the Assessment Center. * A final review or "wash-up" at which assessors discuss each candidate in turn. At the end of the assessment process, which normally lasts one or two days, the candidate will have been evaluated against a number of competencies, using a variety of methods. The main focus is on practical exercises, but ability tests and personality questionnaires may also be included. These provide additional insight and can help confirm assessments made on the basis of exercises and structurtd interviews.


David Sharpley

Assessment Center Workshop

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