Investigating the Role of Artificial Intelligenceon Production Speed and CompetitiveAdvantage

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As in today's age, companies seek sustainability while facing numerous challenges.Industries have seen fundamental changes because of technology interactions such asartificial intelligence (AI). After this massive transformation, the model of providingservices based on human interaction has become digital interaction. This brings manyopportunities for industries and consolidates competitive advantage. Of course, there is stilla large gap between literature and its practical implementation in developing countries.Artificial intelligence-based technologies are increasingly replacing and complementinghumans in managerial tasks such as decision-making. We examine how such a changeaffects resources of competitive advantage. The purpose of this paper is to investigate therole of artificial intelligence on production speed in industries and competitive advantage.This research is based on library studies and review of available documents and contentanalysis. There are many key factors that improve AI performance. For example, factorsinclude AI implementation management, relevant skills, strategic alignment and AI-relatedinfrastructure. This study is one of the few studies that investigates the effect of artificialintelligence on production speed and competitive advantage. The results show the greatimpact of artificial intelligence and its key factors on the speed of production in themanufacturing and service industries and also provide a stable competitive advantage forcompanies and industries. Artificial intelligence requires managers to develop newcapabilities to stay relevant in a competitive landscape based on artificial intelligence.


Kiarash Zebarjad

Master of Industrial Engineering - Engineering Management, Department of IndustrialEngineering, College of Technical and Engineering, Shiraz Branch, Islamic AzadUniversity, Shiraz, Iran;

Saba Salari

Student of Medical Engineering, Department of Medical Engineering, College ofModern Medical Sciences and Technologies, Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University,Mashhad, Iran