Artificial Intelligence ApplicationsinOil & Gas Industries

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a diverse scientific field, but within the oil and gas industry there are twoprimary applications of the technology: machine learning and data science. Machine learning enablescomputer systems to learn from and interpret data without human input, refining the process through iterationsto produce programs tailored to specific purposes. Within the offshore oil and gas industry, this allowscompanies to monitor complex internal operations and respond quickly to concerns that human operators maynot have been able to detect. Machine learning can also be used to run simulations, using predictive datamodels to discover patterns based on a variety of inputs. The oil and gas industry can use AI in this way totest potential impacts of new developments or to gauge the environmental risk of a new project before anyplans are made. Data science uses AI to extract information and insights from data, using neural networks tolink related pieces of data together and form more comprehensive pictures from existing information. Theoffshore oil and gas industry can use AI in data science to make the complex data used for oil and gasexploration and production more accessible, which allows companies to discover new explorationopportunities or make more use out of existing infrastructures. AI technology is also doubtlessly a new shiningstar that draws attention from researchers devoted themselves into it. In order to dig up more about theapplications of artificial intelligence in oilfield development for a hint of the future trend of this excitingtechnology in oil and gas industry, literature investigation of a large amount of AI-based work reported hasbeen conducted in this work. Based on the investigation, the application of AI in important issues in oilfielddevelopment including oilfield production dynamic prediction, developing plan optimization, residual oilidentification, fracture identification, and enhanced oil recovery are specifically investigated and summarized,the backs and cons of existing AI algorithms has been compared. Based on the analysis and discussion, currentsituation of the application of AI in oilfield development is concluded, and suggestions and potentialdirections of future work AI application in oil and gas developing are provided.On the other hand, Oil is one of the most precious commodities in the energy sector. With the rise in theoil prices and depleting crude oil levels globally, organizations involved in the oil and gas industry are nowturning towards modern technologies, specifically Artificial Intelligence, to maximize and optimize theirefficiency and revenues.

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Mahdieh Zakizadeh

MOP, Tehran, Iran ۱۹۷۸۶۴۶۳۴۲

Mazyar Zand

MOP, Tehran, Iran ۱۹۷۸۶۴۶۳۴۲