The Analysis of Violence in Teen Sports and the Use of NOVIS Training Model

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Nowadays the violence in teen sports is forming as a normal thing. Literature of violence shows that it’s admitted by socials as a social problem, whether on the competition field or off. The society will face to dire consequences, if it’s not prevented from occurring of this problem. So, the purpose of this study was to investigating the types of violence in teen sports and the use of modern methods in prevention of violence.The present study was a qualitative research with content analysis approach. The population of this study was previous articles in the field of violence in teen sports, which was conducted from ۲۰۱۶ to ۲۰۲۱. The papers research process include of Using the keywords of violence, teen sports, NOVIS Training Model, Content analysis, & Prevention in Science Direct, taylor & francis, Google Scholar, Scopus, Springer, World scientific databases. Therefore, purposive sampling was performed. The validity of the research process was done by using CASP tool. Finally, ۲۶ articles were selected for analysis among ۱۵۵ searched articles. Conceptual framing method was used to analyze and describe the findings.Based on the analysis of finding, it can be reported that the violence in teen sports is divided into obvious and hidden. Generally, verbal and behavioral violence is considered as obvious and psychological, emotional, sexual, familiar, cultural and self-harming violence are considered as hidden. Also, after analyzing this findings, it was found that different groups, including parents, educators, teachers and peers, are more effective in the occurrence of violence by teenagers than the others. So, the NOVIS training model can be effective in preventing violence by considering these spectrums.The results show that violence occurs in different forms in societies, but most societies almost face this social problem among teens. Also, It can be stated that the use of the European NOVIS model improves the skill level of sports teachers, coaches and families, and has a positive effect on development, as well as It has positive effect on development of schools, clubs, sports centers and the community environment.