The effect of mindfulness – based balance exercises on working memory of female atheles

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Exercise and its role in cognitive Function by emphasizing The Function of The central nervous system in The development of behavioral research has opened a new window so that The example of cognitive Function in the central nervous system can be referred to the memory parameter. The aim of the present study was to determine The effect of ۱۳ Weeks of Mindfulness – based exercises on Working memory of female athlets , Experimental research and pre- test – post – test reseach design with control group.the research is cross -sectional in terms of using the results obtained.۳۲ female handball athlets of the national premier league with an average age of ۲۰±۳۰were purposefully selected and randomly divided in to two groups :۱۶ experimental and ۱۶ control. The experimental group practiced in ۲۶ sessions of yoga balance exercises based on mindfulness There days a week for ۶۰ minutes and the control group did not give any exercises .First , pre- test was taken from The research subjects, Then experimental group was performed as an intervention. Significant difference were obsereved in the working memory post- test of women handball players in the control and expreimental groups by eliminating the pre- test effects (f=۷/۳۲,p=۰/۰۱). Therefore , The null hypothesis rejected and it can be said that mindfulness – based balance exercises affect the working memory of woman handball players. Considering The average working memory in the two research groups in the pre- test and post- test stages, in the clear that mindfulness – based balance exercises have improved the working memory of female athlets

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