Presenting a new approach of e-learning architecture based on a private cloud computing

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One of the most important aspect of today's life is education which is combined and integrated with technology. Cloud computing is a creative and initiativephenomena by which the computing resources can be shared at the network level. Could computing based education, could be considered as a new method of developing aflexible and integrated educational environment along with reducing the need for hardware equipment interface. Beingemployed in educational entities, this novel technique would result in more effective, qualified, cost saving and accessible services.This indicates a need to understand theseconcepts and the way in which the educational Institution could take advantage of cloud computing.Because of the above mentionedadvantages, the first aim of this paper is to review and extend the literature of concepts such as cloud computing, E-education andthe advantage and disadvantage of employing could in E-education followed by the excellent example of companies that havebeen providing could computing initiativesuch as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. The second and the most important aim of this study is to consider the aspects in which the education can be developed in a cloud environment as well as discussing architectures for Private Cloud basededucation which lead to a more effectiveperformance of learner, instructor and administrator in educational institutions.


Gholam-Reza Mohammadi

Islamic Azad University of Science and Research,Esfahan,Iran

Hosseinali Bakhtiar Nasrabadi

Faculty of Management University of Tehran

Hamid-Reza Ghasemi

Islamic Azad University of Science and Research,Esfahan,Iran