Identifying validation and levels of organizational empowerment among Iranian university faculty members society

سال انتشار: 1393
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: انگلیسی
مشاهده: 708

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 22 دی 1393

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This research aimed to investigate both the validity and levels of organizational empowerment scale among Iranian faculty members in private universities . By applying random sampling method, 270 faculty members were selected among them. The organizational empowerment scale by Spreitzer (1995) was used in this survey . The validity of the scale was confirmed by setting an exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses by AMOS software. All factor loadings were higher than .5. The internal consistency of the scale was measured by calculating alpha Cronbach’s coefficients as 0.71 which is considered good. In addition, The mean rates of the organizational empowerment were not high from the subjects’ viewpoints and not satisfactory. Most of them were in low rating. This finding emphasizes the urgent and deep attention to the barriers to organizational empowerment in the university and focus on strengthening the factor motivating employees’ organizational empowerment


Hoda Roumezi

Department of Education , Payame Noor University, Shoosh Iran

Sakineh Ghayazi

Department of Educational Management, Khuzestan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khuzestan, Iran

Fateme keyvanyfard

lecturer , Department of Education, Dezfoul Branch , Islamic Azad University, Dezfoul, Iran

Faranak Omidian

Assistant professor, Department of Education, Dezfoul Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dezfoul, Iran