Science Edification Arts: The Ultimate Frontiers To Eradicate Economic Sanctions

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The objective of this systematic policy-making article is to design life pathways that establish elite edification-fueled, economic-sanctions- eradicating entrepreneurship in science and technology. Edification is not a single science but an integrated multi-science central to the wholeness of the global science and technology. Educators need to be persistently educated to become cognizant of state-of-the-art elite mentorship philosophies. This will enable economy-based science and technology to evolve timely and progressively. Elite-generating edificational psychology and entrepreneurship are emerging sciences, the inclusion of which in innovative policy-making will determine the depth of upcoming accomplishments in science and technology edification. Motivation is where learning evolves to more advanced and effective communication and dissemination. Amalgamating different learning strategies result in more appropriate inclusion of elite-generating entrepreneurship in systematic edification. The goal will be to fuel creativity in all aspects of life. Mentorships arts equipped with moral edificational obligations will lead innovative economic-sanctions-eradicating programs for ongoing peace and prosperity

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Akbar Nikkhah

Highly Distinguished Professor, PHD in Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Zanjan, P.O, Zanjan, Iran