A green brand equity model in electronic industry

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In this study, the effective factors on green brand equity have been examined. This model is based on firms’ resources. In Iran, green marketing and its subject is new. But, with attention to environmental pollution problems, this area is so important. Thus, the conceptual model of this study is about green brand equity in electronic industry. For this purpose, questionnaires have been distributed in randomly selected firms in Iran that produce low-power electronic and electrical products. The key informants comprised middle management from the marketing and foreign sales departments (N=۱۴۰). Smart pls software was used for analysis . The results show that a firm’s internal resources (environmental orientation, experiential resources and tangible resources) are positively related to green brand image. We also find that green brand image has a positive effect on green brand equity, and that green brand image is a mediator in the relationship between a firm’s internal resources and its green brand equity. This research empirically examines the joint effect of tangible and intangible resources on a behavioral consumer variable – i.e., green brand image – in the marketing context of an organization and explains the synergistic mechanism of the effect.


Jale Farzaneh Hassanzadeh

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Khayyam University, Mashhad, Iran