The contribution of organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction in amplifying customer loyalty in banks

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In this paper, the interactions among three concepts (Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Customer Loyalty, and Job Satisfaction) are discussed in the bank context. Customer loyalty is a symbolic concept when it comes to organizations scrambling to keep them satisfied. On the other hand, some studied concepts are supposed to provide the needed potential such as organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and every employee’s status quo; that if they are happy and satisfied with their job or not (job satisfaction). To scrutinize the assumed interactions a comprehensive model has been proposed and the branches of Meli bank (the oldest bank) in the capital of Iran, Tehran was selected. Adopted questionnaires were used to gather the required data; Using SPSS and Smart PLS software, the reliability of the measuring tool was tested and the accuracy of the model was examined. Compliant with the existing literature, the assumed impacts were palpable and statistically significant; spawning the idea of using OCB as a leverage to boost customer loyalty.


Shahryar Tavangarzadeh

Parsa Institute of Higher Education