Design and construction of intelligent vehicle speed control system using heart rate sensor for drivers consuming amphetamines

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Drivers' evasion of the laws adopted in the field of drivers consuming drugs and alcohol, on the one hand, the liberation of countries such as the United States and a number of European countries for the use of drugs (cannabis and amphetamines) on the other hand, according to culture and information The actions and measures taken by the local police to control the traffic of the vehicles used by the drivers, with the high number of killed and injured, show the non-observance of the offending drivers. Despite all the good things that have been done to make traffic safer, the death toll from high-speed vehicles under the influence of cannabis and amphetamines has remained high in all international statistics.Therefore, in this study, an intelligent system was designed and built to control the speed of the vehicle using a heart rate sensor for drivers consuming amphetamines. In this research, it has been tried to benefit from the research and findings of medical and automotive engineers and even the telecommunication industry. From this perspective, it is called specifically using the new generation of intelligent sensors to measure heart rate and blood pressure for high-risk drivers using cannabis and amphetamines, and in a simple language, CC typing for the car ECU and linking the sensor output. The meter is mounted on the steering wheel and is constantly processing the driver's heart rate and blood pressure, and after the desired analysis, if the ECU becomes operational, it will affect the engine speed and lead to a reduction in speed. To be.

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intelligent speed control system ، heart rate sensor ، amphetamine ، car ECU ، car speed limiter


Reza Soflaee

MSc in Mecatronic Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,North Tehran Branch,Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran

Amir Hossein Zaeri

Department of Electrical Engineering,Shahinshahr Branch,Islamic Azad University,Isfahan,Iran.

Mohammad Mirzae

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,North Tehran Branch,Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran