Economic comparison and study of the cost of electricity supply from gas generators of small and large scale

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Today, the need to invest in the development of the energy supplysector and reduce losses in the distribution and energy transmissionnetwork are among the major concerns of the country, which includethe development of scattered production in industries, refineries,industrial and residential towns. Be. The rapid growth of highefficiencytechnology on the one hand and the presence of air pollutionand the environment caused by fossil fuel consumption in technologiesthat produce low efficiency and high pollution on the other hand havecaused the world to pay more attention to generating electricity andheat generators. Be. In this article, we will have a plan to build a powerplant, which includes the cost of EPC, non-EPC costs, operating costs,the cost of the 500 MW West Mazandaran gas power plant and the 7.8MW Vartsilla company. EPC costs include all operating costs requiredto build and construct facilities; It is divided into three parts:engineering cost, procurement cost and construction cost. Non-EPCcosts include the cost of water and electricity required duringconstruction, the cost of basic spare parts, the cost of construction andlandscaping, the cost of backup fuel storage facilities, and more.Operating costs include fixed and variable. In order to make aneconomic comparison between the large candidate power plant in thewest of Mazandaran and the distributed generation power plantsoptimized in the project, it is necessary to calculate the cost price of thelarge power plant. In the following, we will examine the different partsof the power plant cost and after the amount of these costs, we willmention the obtained privatization office of the Ministry of Energy forthe construction of power plants by TOB or OOB method for Nowshahrlarge power plant separately. The price of the small 8.7 MW powerplant is also being considered. At the end, conclusions and suggestionsare presented.

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Hadi Zibandeh

Mazandaran Regional Electric Company