Review maxillofacial injuries due to road traffic accidents : etiological factors and the frequency

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Background: Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are significant reason behind mortality and morbidity. The monetary and social prices of RTAs are tremendous. They still among the main reasons for maxillofacial injuries. The knowledge of etiologic factors and associated injury patterns may be essential in planning for prevention and treatment. The injuries to the facial regions are clinically extremely vital for the variety of reasons. The facial region provides anterior protection for the braincase and plays a vital role in appearance. The maxillofacial region is related to the variety of critical functions of the daily life. These functions are severely affected and ultimately result in low quality of life. The point of this study was to report the etiological factors and the frequency of maxillofacial injuries as a result of RTAs.Methods: literature was identified through a systematical search of English articles from MEDLINE, ISI, SCOPUS (2010, Oct 2018). It s yielded 43 results by using maxillofacial injuries, road traffic accidents and related terms as keywords. Not only these articles were investigated but also some references of them were reviewed. We systematically review evidence on maxillofacial injuries because of RTAs.Results : There were 43 articles. They showed that the traffic accidents were the reason for 19,93% maxillofacial injuries in the analyzed period of time. A large portion of the patients had injuries to the soft tissues of the face (22,21%) followed by tooth and alveolar process injuries (20,71%) and jaw fractures (18,69%). Males (37.5%) in the 21–30 year- age range were frequently included. Most of the patients were auto drivers followed by car passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motor cyclists. The prevalent number of accidents resulting in injuries to this region took place in spring, particularly between twelve and 4 PM. The minibus was the vehicle type most often involved (36.2%) and tyre blowout (21.2%) was distinguished as the most common contributory factor.Conclusion: Our outcomes show that road traffic accidents remain among the main reasons of maxillofacial injuries. The relatively high incidence of injuries resulting from traffic accidents indicates the necessity to strengthen enactment planned to prevent road traffic crashes. Therefore, the proper recognition of the causes of road accident damage can be effective in planning to reduce them.


Morteza Banakar

D.D.S and MPH, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

Mohammad Hasan Banakar

D.D.S Candidate, Yasouj University of Medical Sciences, Yasouj, Iran.

Reza Tabrizi

Phd candidate in Health Policy, Health Policy Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

Maryam Akbari

Phd candidate in Health Policy, Health Policy Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.