Comparison between Transvaginal Sonography and Cytological results for detection of ovarian cysts

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Background: Ovarian functional cyst is one of the most common pelvic mass in reproductive age which mostly resolves spontaneously. Sonography is a valuable tool for diagnosis of benign cystwith high accuracy. The objective of this cross sectional study was to evaluate the accuracy oftransvaginal sonography in detecting type of ovarian cyst and compare the results wieh cytological results.Materials and Methods: 82 women in reproductive age who have had simple ovarian cysts withbenign criteria which unresolved after taking contraceptive pills for 3 months were considered forthis clinical study. Transvaginal ultrasound-guided aspiration of cysts were done and were then sent to the pathological evaluation. Also, all data regarding the size of the cysts and aspirated fliud wererecorded in charts for further statistical analysis.Results: The accuracy of transvaginal ultrasound comparing with cytology on diagnosis forfunctional cysts was 94.9%, for epithelial ovarian cyst was 97.5% and for endometrioma was 97.5% (P= 0.0001).The size of cysts with diameter of <10cm was not related to the quality of cysts. Conclusion: The results showed that sonography is a valuable and reliable tool for diagnosis of benign ovarian cyst. It seems that if a mass appears benign by ultrasound morphologic criteria,probability of it being malignant is near to zero, which can be aspirated by transvaginal route without any fear from missing of malignancy or complication.


Abass Aflatoonian

Reaserch & Clinical Center for infertility Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences,Yazd.Iran. Madar Hospital,Yazd, Iran

Reza Aflatoonian

Madar Hospital,Yazd, Iran

Zahra Khashavi.

Reaserch & Clinical Center for infertility Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences,Yazd.Iran.