Contingency ranking based on combination of severity indices in dynamic security analysis

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 27 آبان 1386

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This paper presents a novel severity index to analyze power system dynamic stability. Application of severity indices in dynamic stability assessment is very complex and this paper proposes severity indices for dynamic contingency ranking. These indices are based on the concept of coherency and three dot products of the system variables. Different coherency indices have been defined and then compared by ranking the contingencies according to these indices. It is well known that some indices work better than others for a particular power system. This paper along with test results using several different systems, demonstrates that combination of indices provides better ranking than a single index. The presented results are obtained through the use of power system simulation (PSS/E) and MATLAB 6.5 software.



Iran university of scince & technology (IUST) Tehran-Iran


Iran university of scince & technology (IUST) Tehran-Iran

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