Applying Data mining for advertisement in social networks and improving CTR

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In this paper author reviews different usage of data mining in social networks and defines a hypothesis that states by implementing data mining in social networks The CTR of their advertisement will improve which can lead to improvement of the revenue of social network websites. Additionally finding of recent study on social network advertisements which has been conducted by author will be analyzed and evaluated to validate this hypothesis to show that after implementing data mining on advertisement in social networks CTR of an advertisement will improve. Moreover methods of the performed research such as schema of database tables that was used in this study and other requirements of this study was stated in this paper and findings before and after implementing data mining was compared in form of bar charts. Additionally other relevant studies regarding this subject has been reviewed and the role of data mining to improve click through rate of advertisement in social network was described.


Mohammad Hajarian

M.Sc. Software engineering. Staffordshire University

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