Asphalt Pavement Performance Model of Airport Using MicrowaveRemote Sensing Satellite

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The purpose of this study is to build the binary logit model of an airport pavement that could monitor the pavementcondition in near real time using microwave remote sensing satellite, then the relationship between the internationalroughness index (IRI) of an airport and backscattering values from PALSAR images of the ALOS satellite wasdetermined. Total 390 data were used in analysis. This model could be applied to evaluate the efficiency of thequality of running service on the airport pavement. The analysis showed that the backscattering values in theHH and HV polarization have correlated with IRI, and HH polarization was the highest correlation with IRI value (r =0.90). If the backscattering value in HH polarization is increased, the roughness will be increased. After the validationprocess on other 100 data, the result presented high correlation at 94.00%. Therefore, it can be concluded that thismodel could be applied to the airport pavement maintenance.


Weerakaset Suanpaga

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand