Investigation the compressive strength of cement mortarusing Design of experiments – influence of cement strengthclasses

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 29 مرداد 1402

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Cement mortar, as a cement-based material, is one of the core components of concrete, which has asignificant effect on the mechanical properties, such as the compressive strength of concrete.Therefore, modifying the properties of cement mortar leads to achieving the highest compressivestrength of concrete. In this situation, to achieve these optimal conditions regarding the highestcompressive strength, the conditions of the effective parameters in the mortar matrix must bepresent at their effective levels in the mix design. In this research, a laboratory-statistical study hasbeen conducted that examines the compressive strength of mortar mixes containing differentcement strength classes (CSC( of ۳۲.۵, ۴۲.۵ and ۵۲.۵ MPa. In this study, ۹ mixing designsconsidering three ratios of water to binder materials (W/B) in the levels (۰.۴, ۰.۴۵ and ۰.۵) andthree ratios of sand to binder (S/B) in the levels (۲.۵, ۲.۷۵ and ۳), were made and the laboratoryanalysis and Taguchi's statistical analysis were done. The results show that increasing the CSCimproves the compressive strength values of the mortar. In addition, the maximum compressivestrength occurs at the CSC of ۵۲.۵ MPa, W/B of ۰.۴, and the S/C of ۲.۷۵. As a result, it can beconcluded that the strength classes of cement is a very important and effective parameter andstudies should be considered to make more accurate and acceptable investigations and predictions.In addition, the high statistical accuracy and the closeness of the predicted results to the actualresults show that the Taguchi statistical method is considered as a reliable method to optimize andanalyze the effect of the input parameters on the final result.

کلیدواژه ها:

Cement mortar ، Water to cement ratio ، cement strength class ، Sand to cement ratio ، Taguchi statistical method


Amirmohammad Khalvati

M.Sc. in civil engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University,Sabzevar, Iran