Application of Multiple Point Geostatistics in Reservoir Modelingand Simulation

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Reservoir modeling or simulation for extracting purposes or storage and injection is based onthe model of reservoir physical parameters. These parameters are controlled by the geologicalfactors; hence geological model of reservoir is the basis of other modeling ad affects their results.The reservoirs normally are not homogeneous and the channels and fractures are the commonfeatures. Lack of information about the spatial of connection of this features leads to an erroneousConductivity Factor. This factor has a tremendous impact on the direction and the fluid flow inthe fractures and buried sedimentary channels. Multiple Point Geostatistics by considering therelationship of more than two points each time has played its great role in the field of channel andfracture modeling and simulation in a fluvial hydrocarbon reservoir, where the classical methodsfail at reproduction of this sort of non-linear geological continuities. The aim of this study is toassess the application of this new-born geostatistical technique in curvilinear structures andfractures modeling, using a representative window of the whole reservoir which has been named asTraining Image the modeling process. The parameters which can ameliorate the similarity ofmodel and reality are discussed here, and a comparison has been done between the conductivity ofmodel based this method and the result of traditional method


Hassan Rezaee

M. Eng. Student, Tehran University

Ahmad Dibaei

M. Eng. Student, Faculty of Mining Eng., Petroleum and Geophysics, Shahrood University of Technology

A. Ramezanzadeh

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Mining Eng., Petroleum and Geophysics, Shahrood University of Technology