A multi-objective model to maximize profits and minimize transportation costs in supply chain, Operations Management and Competitive advantage

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The concept of the competitive advantage has direct affiliation with the costumer’s values, in such a way that within a spectrum of comparisons, as the supplied values of an organisation becomes closer to the values that are in the mind of the costumer or havemore conformance with them,it then can be said that the organisation, in comparison to its competitors has an advantage and superiority in one or many criterions. Establishment and maintenance of the sustainability of the competitive advantage requires certain competences that with reliance on the abilities of the organisation, creates the most amount of value for the costumers. The costumer’s satisfaction for organisations that hope to create the competitive advantage in today’s super competitive world is a key concept. As much that an organisation becomes successful in earning the satisfaction of the costumers, it can achieve a higher amount of the competitive advantage comparing to its competitors which leads to improvement of the competitive status of the organisation.In this article, we define the competitive advantage and its origin, and then present a multi-objective model to optimize transportation costs in the supply chain. Also, present paper provides optimal methods and vehicle routing problem aiming at decreasing transporting cost and determining the number of vehicles, cost of storage and cost of production.


Mojgan Tahaei

Faculty of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering,Qazvin Branch,Islamic Azad University,Nokhbegan Bolvar, Qazvin, Iran