Evaluation of multi-walled carbon nanotube thermo-mechanical properties in hydrogen storage : A review

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Hydrogen is the best fuel to be replaced with gasoline because of its pure hoarding. Hydrogen cannot be used as an energy producer without being trapped. Using MWCNTs in order to trap hydrogen and provide clean energy restoration in appropriate way to overcome storing problem is one of the best approaches in clean energy industry .In order to be practical, the prevention of chemical reactions in some substrates and presenting a precise study of thermal, electrical and chemical properties, MWCNTs are reinforced by other ingredients. In this article the thermo-mechanical factors affecting hydrogen absorption is investigated and the effect of sustainable agents based on previous studies is overviewed. Also, thermo-mechanical factors affecting hydrogen storage in MWCNTs, active methods and hydrogen capacity and adsorption are investigated.


s yazdani

Department of Mechanics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran