Lightweight Flexible Nonlinear Composite (LFNLC) and Elastic Composite, Reinforced Lightweight Concrete as an LFNLC

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"Lightweight Flexible Nonlinear Composite (LFNLC)" refers to a particular class of high-performance composite materials having their own structural and functional criteria like "a porous or porous-like texture" and "nonlinear behavior in bending". "Elastic Composite, Reinforced Lightweight Concrete (ECRLC)" is a cementitious LFNLC.By using this integrated structure in making the beams with "a substantially high strain capability, modulus of resilience and toughness in bending", we can provide "a significantly higher bearing capacity in considerably less weight". Meanwhile, any possibility of a brittle, compressive failure mode, especially in ultra-lightweight and low-height beams, is removed.ECRLC, as a lightweight resilient composite, is a versatile, relatively inexpensive material. In view of the strategic importance of "lightweight and integrated construction" in improving earthquake resistance, ECRLC can especially be useful in "seismic areas". Allowing for the behavior and resilience of this flexible system and its formability, it can also be utilized in making "ultra-lightweight and insulating, Non-brittle reinforced sandwich panels", lightweight, safe guards, shock-resistant structures, some infrastructures, and blast-proof pieces with appropriate behavior, resilience and toughness.Lightness is important in saving energy and reducing the total cost of building construction too.This work implies "an innovative, applied method "to convert a rigid solid into a flexible material with less density" or "to raise the elasticity of a flexible material plus reducing the density". This practical method principally involves "creating a so-called porous or porous-like texture" along with "appropriately reinforcing the material" as well as "providing the necessary integrity". (Creating the porous or porous-like texture is done by "generating disseminated suitable hollow pores" and/or "distributing suitable lightweight aggregates" throughout the reinforced matrix.) This way, the resilience in bending increases and the density decreases.Here, the main structural and functional particulars of LFNLC, some applications, and a Reproducible, simple instance of ECRLC have been briefly presented

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Kamyar Esmaeili

Research and Development Department of Nogamsazegan Co., Iran.