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Telework is a modern approach in individuals' careers, which is replaced by traditional offices and departments by the help of ITC and telecommunication tools. It influences the structure of the traditional approach. These influences cause the social and organizational planning changes in jobs and families. The important issues of telework include telework establishment and improvement and making ICT investment infrastructures for better servicing to teleworkers and developing the utensil related to the ICT improvement. The aim of this essay is giving an introduction to telework, searching for its advantages and disadvantages and by using SWOT analysis, presenting strategies for telework improving and developing.

کلیدواژه ها:


Alireza Dehghan

Faculty member of Kazeroon Height Education Center (Salman Farsi University)

Sara Abbaspour

Dept. Of Information Technology Engineering (Salman Farsi University)

Zahra Jooybar

Dept. Of Information Technology Engineering (Salman Farsi University)

Farhad Khormayee

School of Education and Psychology (Shiraz University)