Numerical Modeling of Stabilized Deep Excavation by Anchorage Method

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زبان: انگلیسی
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Due to increasing the population, optimum use of ground is significant for constructing residential and commercial projects in cities. Nailing and anchorage are such methods of stabilizing urban deep excavations. The general mechanism of the anchorage system is similar to nailing. The special feature of this method is prestressing its elements which leads to being needless to soil's displacement for mobilizing forces in reinforcement element. In this paper in order to verify numerical modeling, one of the stabilized walls in Nossan & Plepelic's (۲۰۰۹) [۱] paper was investigated. Then one of the stabilized deep excavations in Tehran using an anchorage system with a ۲۸-meter depth was modeled by Plaxis۲D software and modeling results were compared with monitoring data. Regarding results obtained, it is observed that numerical results of the finite element method match with reality and are reliable. In the end, parametric studies were accomplished for effective items on the wall's displacement.


Farshad Rashidi

M.Sc. Graduated Geotechnical Engineering from Kharazmi University,

Hamed Arefizadeh

M.Sc. Graduated Geotechnical Engineering, from Kharazmi University