Multi-component synthesis and study of biological effects of new passerini’s derivatives based on Valproic acid

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Multicomponent reactions (MCRs), are powerful synthetic tools for the synthesis of complex and drivers molecules in a one-pot fashion from more than two starting materials.[1] Various reactions have been made to the multi-component reaction series. But recently, by replacing carboxylic acids in these reactions, synthesized various compounds of ester or amid macromolecules in a simple and efficient way.[2,3] In this study, a series of new passerini products valproic acid 1, aldehydes 2, isocyanide 3, in room temperature and water and dichloromethane as solvent. The structures of new product are determined on the basis of their mass spectrum 1H NMR, 13C NMR and IR spectroscopic data.


Mohadeseh Azadeh Borna

Faculty of Chemistry,Ghadr Koochesfahan Institue, Koochesfahan, Iran

Bahman Sharifzadeh

Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Gilan University, Rasht, Iran

Maryam Barazandehdoust

Department of Organic Chemistry, Fctualy of Chemistry, Rasht, Iran