Synthesis, Identification and the Biological Evaluation of New Mono and on Derivatives Basead on Chalcone. -Bis Cyclohexen

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Cancer is a complex and life-threatening disease associated with uncontrolled cell division. Despite the advances made in the field of chemotherapy for cancer, there is still no broad and effective anticancer drug that can target cancer cells specifically. Therefore, it is imperative to design and discover new anti-cancer drugs with high efficacy and specificity. Chalcones have a variety of activities, such as anti-inflammatory effects, anti-leishmaniasis, antimalarials, antiviruses, antifungals, and others1. The most important effects of chalcones are their anti-cancer effect, which is done by a variety of mechanisms2. Chalcone compounds of natural origin which are of high synthetic diversity for the design of new biologically active compounds, particularly anti-cancer drugs. Recently, it has been shown that many chalcones can inhibit many human cancers through induction of apoptosis. In addition, many existing anticancer drugs, by disrupting the DNA, cause a major genetic toxicity, but chalcones may not develop such a complication due to a different mechanism. One of the most important anticancer mechanisms of chalcones is the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells. Although a large number of cholecystic compounds have been reported with cytotoxic and anticancer effects, in many cases, no mechanism has been investigated. Here, we try to synthesize mono and biass condensation reactions of chalcones and Methyl acetoacetate, synthesized new intermediate compounds such as inosulol, which have an optimal drug and anticancer property with high performance and specificity.

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Biological effects ، Mono and bis derivatives ، Cyclohexene – one ، Chalcone


Sakineh Maleky Hodk

Faculty of Chemistry, Ghadr Institute of Higher Education, Rasht. Guilan, Iran

Bahman Sharifzadeh

Assistant Prof. Department of Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering - East Guilan,University of Guilan, Roodsar, Guilan, Iran

Seyyedeh Kobra Azimi

Faculty of Chemistry, Ghadr Institute of Higher Education, Rasht. Guilan, Iran