Optimizing the capacity of industrial distribution transformers using a new algorithm

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Improper selection will increase the capacity of distribution transformers, increaseinvestment costs, increase the cost of losses and other costs related to theoperation of the system and will make the distribution network uneconomical.This paper emphasizes the shortcomings of previous methods in providing amethod for selecting the optimal capacity of transformers. This article firstintroduces distribution transformers and introduces them. Then, the factorsaffecting the capacity of distribution transformers, which include environmentalparameters and load curve, which include climatic conditions, climatic conditions,altitude and the effects of load on the operation of the transformer, areinvestigated. Then, the efficiency and value of losses, which include the efficiencyof the transformer from the point of view of distribution, energy efficiency,efficiency of the transformer and economic efficiency of the transformer areinvestigated and in the fifth section, the proposed algorithm for determining theoptimal capacity of the transformer is stated. Finally, numerical studies and resultsand suggestions are presented to continue and complete the method.


Hadi Zibandeh

Mazandaran Regional Electric Company