Evaluation of existing energy sources in Turkey with grey entropy and grey relational analysis integration

سال انتشار: 1398
نوع سند: مقاله کنفرانسی
زبان: انگلیسی
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 24 شهریور 1398

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Turkey has 10 energy sources, which is already in using 9 of them and including nuclear energy planned to be used. in this study, Energy sources existing in Turkey was assessed taking into account the 8 criteria that influence the ranking of energy sources in the literature. For this purpose, first, the relative importance ratings of each criterion in terms of alternatives has been calculated using the Grey Entropyweighting method. Afterward, utilizing these weight values, the energy sources have been ranke d by grey relational method according to their importance. The results have been showed that Turkey s first showed that should benefit from nuclear energy.it has been revealed a result that the energy policies in order to meet the demand of the country should be improved by respectively giving priority to thesources of geothermal, natural gas, hydro energy, biofuels, lignite, petroleum, coal, wind, and solar energy


Mesliha Gezen

Department of Economics, University of Ataturk University

Seyedhadi Eslamian

Department of Management, University College of Nabi Akram

Miraç Eren

Department of Economics, University of Ondokuz Mayıs University