Strategy & investigating of different kinds of critical defects recognition in aircraft engine

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The engine is a very important part of aircraft. So by developing the concepts and regulations of aviation safety, the inspection periods and preventive maintenance activities have a critical effect on aircraft engine to ensure that the engine is operational and maintain continuing airworthiness. Modern on condition monitoring-based method is used to reduce maintenance costs and increase aircraft safety. The purpose of the information contained in this article, is to eliminate misunderstanding and confusion caused by varying terminology, used to describe the condition of engine parts, particularly during inspection. This report assembles the detailed information required to understand the fundamentals of aircraft maintenance programs; requires that an appliance or part be periodically inspected or checked against some appropriate physical standard to determine whether it can continue in service. The purpose of the standard is to remove the unit from service before failure during normal operation occurs. A high pressure turbine blade of an aircraft engine was fractured during the ground test run. The failed as well as neighboring unfailed blades were studied during failure investigation.


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K.N.Toosi university of technology faculty of aerospace

Alireza Rezaei

Aviation industry;