The Use of Technology in English Language Learning: A Literature Review

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The use of technology has become an important part of the learning processin and out of the class. Every language class usually uses some form oftechnology. Technology has been used to both help and improve languagelearning. Technology enables teachers to adapt classroom activities, thusenhancing the language learning process. Technology continues to grow inimportance as a tool to help teachers facilitate language learning for theirlearners. This study focuses on the role of using new technologies in learningEnglish as a second/foreign language. It discussed different attitudes whichsupport English language learners to increase their learning skills throughusing technologies. In this paper, the researcher defined the term technologyand technology integration, explained the use of technology in languageclassroom, reviewed previous studies on using technologies in improvinglanguage learning skills, and stated certain recommendations for the betteruse of these technologies, which assist learners in improving their learningskills. The literature review indicated that the effective use of newtechnologies improves learners’ language learning skills.

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Mohammad Reza Ahmadi

Guilan University, Guilan, Iran