Evalaution of Adenovirus prevalence in warm seasons in Rasht provice pools

سال انتشار: 1394
نوع سند: مقاله کنفرانسی
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 2 تیر 1397

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It is very rare incidence of viral infections associated with swimming pools. The most common viruses in this regard are Adenovirus, Hepatitis A Virus, Norovirus and Echovirus. Prevalence of these viruses has been observed in rivers, coastal waters, swimming pools and water resources throughout the world. Detection of viruses in water is important issue in public health, because of it can prevent from diseases and their prevalence. According to pathogenic importance of Adenoviruses in water, this study has investigated prevalence of these viruses in selected swimming pools of Rasht province. Genome of Adenovirus has been a double-strained DNA with about 36000 base pairs (bps). The genome is as large as to encode 30-40 genes. Common disorders resulted from Adenoviruses include respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis (pink eye), hemorrhagic cystitis and gastroenteritis. Water samples from selected swimming pools were adopted in second half of May 2015 and second half of July 2015. 60 water samples were adopted from men and women pools in sterilized DNA z freez micro tubes. The water samples were obtained 3 times including; morning (after using chlorine or ozone and before anyone use); evening (after using in women s pools) and evening (after using in men s pools). 1.5 ml of collected samples was used for evaluation. At the first step, the DNA extractions (viral DNA extraction) were done for 60 samples using absorption chromatography method (Germany Stratech). Then, Real Time PCR test by syber green were performed for samples. In this part, It was used from master mix 2x SSO advanced syber green dye, super mix (Biorad- USA), ADENO 1 primer, ADENO 2 primer (forward) and Germany methabion.The adsorption melting curve was used for viral detection. The results show that there are not any viral infection water samples of Rasht province s pools. This study indicates that using Real Time PCR method for diagnosis of probable viruses in water samples is efficient and reliable method. Therefore, using this method for investigation of water samples from other resources can be effective and efficient for health improvement.


Mirsasan Mirpour

Islamic Azad University-Lahijan Branch, Faculty of Basic Science, Department of Microbiology, Lahijan, Iran, P.O.Box: ۱۶۱۶

Somayeh Arshad

Islamic Azad University-Lahijan Branch, Faculty of Basic Science, Department of Microbiology, Lahijan, Iran, P.O.Box: ۱۶۱۶