The use of carbon nanotubes in tissue engineering

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people are encountered problems such as loss of tissues or organs in their life time. Using a variety type of tissue grafts and artificial implants are solutions for this problem, although each one has disadvantages that limit their use. Tissue engineering is a combination of cell technology and material engineering that regenerate the tissue engineered construct trough simulating the properties of the host tissue. The most important point in tissue engineering is to design a biodegradable scaffold that is similar to the host tissue mechanically and chemically. Using the nano technology together with tissue engineering can improve mechanical properties as well as cell response. In addition, the extra cellular matrix in nature tissues are constructed from ordered nanostructures. Using a biomaterial in nano scale like carbon nano tube in appropriate amounts can improve mechanical properties as well as cell response due to its high mechanical strength. This paper is a review of carbon nanotubes effect on composite scaffolds


p Zadehnajar

Department of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran , Iran

m.h Mirmusavi

Department of New Sciences and Technologies, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan , Iran