The effect of fluorineon conformation stability of organic compounds

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Nowadays, with development of biochemistry knowledge and Access to more detailed informationbiological interactions all of comments are toward study on this field, Despite the scarcity of naturalfluorinated compounds, they have shown many potent biological activitiesand they can make a highcommunicate between Many of the compounds and biological structures. Thus, fluorination of alreadyknown drugs has become an essential tool in drug discovery [1].Currently, twenty percent ofcommercialized drugs contain fluorine [2]. Therefore, Deeper understanding of structural consequencesof fluorination in drugs is of importance. Several strategies used in the rational design and synthesis offluorinated compounds as potential therapeutic agents are reviewed. In this research, we study the effectof fluorine in conformational stability of model compounds to understand its electronic effects in terms ofdipole interaction, Hyperconjugation, and hydrogen bonding. Study on these effects can terminate toPrecise control and discuss on all of interactions molecule-molecule and internal-reaction in Varioussectors of biochemistry.


Asjraf prado

Department of Chemistry, University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran

Ali Kakeshpour

Department of Chemistry, University of Tehtan, Tehtan, Iran