Leica GPS SpiderNET Innovation in GPS Network RTK Software and Algorithms.

محل انتشار: همایش ژئوماتیک 85
سال انتشار: 1385
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زبان: انگلیسی
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Leica Geosystems has been for many years actively researching and promoting network RTK solutions and working towards an industry tandard for network RTK corrections. It is in this role that Leica Geosystems has developed and driven the Master-Auxiliary Concept (MAC), the future of networked RTK and the basis for the forthcoming RTCM ?¯? network correction message standard. The Master-Auxiliary corrections (MAX) are compact and efficient to transmit to the rover, but also robust and flexible. The Master-Auxiliary Concept overcomes all of the weaknesses of the previous approaches that have been used until now by giving the rover the capability to derive the maximum benefit from the information provided by a reference station network even over a broadcast/one-way communication medium. In conjunction with this new standard, Leica Geosystems is proud to announce the Leica GPS Spider ?¯? software with its revolutionary new network RTK module SpiderNet, which draws on the latest zero-difference processing techniques to take the Master-Auxiliary Concept to the maximum reliability, maximum performance, maximum lexibility and maximum security.


Joël van Cranenbroeck

Business Development Director for GNSS Reference Stations and Structural Monitoring Solutions.

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