Role of Renewable Energy in the Commercial Energy scene for India in 2020 using Delphi Analysis

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Energy is an important factor for the economic and social development of any country. In order to meet the growing demand, utilization of commercial energy sources is idncreasing exponentially which will inevitably lead to enormous amount of atmospheric pollution. It has therefore become important to identifyalternate sources which are environmental friendly and abundantly available. A Delphi study has been conducted to determine the acceptance of renewableenergy sources and the percentage acceptance in the various sectors namely industrial, transportation, agricultural and domestic. Renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, biomass have been identified as acceptable and dependable sources of energy using a Delphi study. The percentage acceptance of renewable energy is determined to be around 24.5% on an average during 2020-21. The commercial energy requirement during 2020-21 is found to be 23.73x1015kJ and renewable energy is hence determined to be 7.7x1015kJ.

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Suganthi L

Corresponding author: Dr.L.Suganthi, Professor, Dept of Management Studies, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai ۶۰۰ ۰۲۵, India

Iniyan S.

College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai ۶۰۰ ۰۲۵, India

Anand A.Samuel

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore ۶۳۲۰۱۴, India