SMART vs. BRA: Applications In Reality Departments

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For projects to be successful and competitive, a number of business integration issues must be addressed. Both the SMART model and the BRA model support a cradle to the grave process whereby project managers must examine business conditions outside of the specific project they are working on.The objective of this essay is to critically assess both the models and their applicability, and to recommend a preferable option for project management. In doing so, this essay will limit its discussion and analysis to responding to the three questions in this research. First, the practicality of these two methods in the real departments is examined. Second the disadvantages and failures of each method are discussed. Finally, the benefits and the validity of each method and their applications as a basis for managing projects are discussed. With these questions in mind, we define project management as the “application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements” as suggested by Kathy Schwalbe in her book, “Information Technology Project Management


Sanam Ebrahim

MS Industrial Engineering Management

Atoosa Rahimian

MBA Sharif University of Technology/RRU