A New Approach for Ranking Web Pages

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Today , information retrieval is a common for internet users. The huge size and heterogeneous structure of the web has caused new problems for its users. In this immense resource of information , it is exceedingly difficult for to locate resources that are both high in quality and relevant to their information needs. One of the main tasks of each search is providing users with these high quality and relevant resources. Search engines use ranking algorithm in order to sort the documents related to the user need. For ranking web resource , several ranking methods have been introduced. In this paper, we present the most famous web ranking algorithm for ranking web page, which exploits hyperlink structure as well as document contents for ranking resources , with the intent of overcoming the draw backs of current ranking algorithms.


Azadeh Shakery

Computer Engineering Department Sharif University of technology

Mohammad Ghodsi

Computer Engineering Department Sharif University of technology

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