A success story in the Middle East Aluminium Market for Fives

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Fives’ experience in the Middle East dated back 1971 when the Alba smelter was first established. Since then, Fives has been involved in all the major primary aluminum projects in the Middle East: Dubal, Egyptalum, Iralco, Almahdi, Sohar, Qatalum, Emal and more recently Ma’aden. Over these past four decades, Fives has developed state-of-the-art technologies to meet process needs coming from amperage pots increase as well as more and more stringent environmental regulation. Furthermore, to better serve its customers, Fives established in 2003, a local services company based in Barhain, Solios Services Gulf SPC. More recently, the Fives Group opened a representative office in Dubai, Fives Middle East. Fives has developed a strong experience in contract management. As an EPC contractor, Fives can also propose financing solutions and integrate the most advanced technologies for its customers.This paper will highlight our latest achievements in the region with a focus on our different expertises in Green Anodes Plant, Gas Treatment Center, Fume Treatment Center, Firing & Control System, Bath Processing Unit, Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal and Casthouses both in primary and secondary sectors.

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GTC FTC Green Anode Plant Holding Furnaces Firing Control System


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