Morphometric analysis of the reproductive system of African zebu cattle

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 16 آذر 1394

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A study was carried out on the morphometry of reproductive genitalia of 45 African Zebu cattle (AZC) using standard laboratory procedure, with special reference to heifers and cows. The overall mean weight of the genitalia of heifers and cows were 0.43 +0.03 kg and 0.79 + 0.02 kg respectively. The mean ovarian weights of the heifer from left and right were 3.80 +0.12g and 4.88 +0.04g; that of the cows were 3.53 +0.10g and 5.48 +0.04g respectively. The mean length of the cow oviduct from left and right was 30.04 +0.08 cm and 30.21 + 0.07 cm; that of the heifer was 21.68 + 0.18 cm and 22.14 + 0.16 cm respectively. There was no significant difference in the diameter of the oviduct and between the right and left length of the oviduct (P > 0.05). The length and diameter of the cervix of heifer were 7.38 + 0.10 cm and 3.18 + 0.07 cm; and that of the cows were 8.08 + 0.04 cm and 3.48 + 0.02 cm respectively. It was observed that the ovaries of cows were significantly greater in weight than those of the heifers (P<0.05). This study provides a baseline for our indigenous breed of African Zebu Cattles in the North-east zone of Nigeria.

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A Bello

Department of Veterinary Anatomy

Y.A Adamu

Department of Veterinary Medicine

M.A Umaru

Department of Veterinary Animal Production and Theriogenology

S Garba

Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture