Createing a Model for Continuous and MeticulousMonitoring of E-Market Goods and Its Effect on E-Trust

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In most model of Electronic commerce, building trust for users, creating more on secure infrastructures in financial transactions and finding graphic design factors and the content for servers.Counterfeit of electronic symbol is one of the problems of security. Usuaslly creating of substrates of substrates (continous monitoring) on servers is not desirable due to increases in the cost of installation and low speed. This model uses continuous, precise and systematic monitoring on the commodities in the server (shop online-auction) to approve or reject each product for the client.In terms of technical structures, using the Web Services, parallel scripting AJAX, signing expiration goods SEG, mobile protocols such as SMS, data structures goods GXM, SOAP protocol makes increase speed and low volume of transactions between commodity validation center, server, database, and client.Register in this protocol is very simple for service providers, it is smoothly and safe to use for clients. Careful monitoring will help the goverment in order to sell native goods in the e-commerce market. The benefit of this model is to control of virtual market rate prices and virtual goods, using their opinions on each commodity.cover mobile devices for scrolling and purchase of goods, quickly find a needed commodity in the region and create product massivedatabases.

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Mojtaba Akbari

VUS(Virtual University of Shiraz)Software Engineering

Najme Iranpour

VUS(Virtual University of Shiraz)Software Engineering

Mehdi Abbasi

VUS(Virtual University of Shiraz)Software Engineering