The Model for the Fault-Tolerant System Cloud Computing

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Cloud Hospital Shared access to resources and Remote computing service for users creates. Cloud to provide services to many users at the same time, thestrategy plan should be developed for multiple tasks. In cloud computing, the processing is done on the remote computer, the greater the chance of errors dueto Defined latency-free control There are calculations on the node. The remote computer must be highly reliable. Need to increase to achieve fault tolerance and reliability for real-time computing, cloud infrastructure there. This paper mainly deals with e check model for cloud computing and fault tolerance fault-tolerance model for cloudcomputing ( FTMC ) Are described. FTMC the model is based on reliability, fault tolerance, each node is calculated. Your calculator to calculate a node isselected based on its reliability or if it is not done well for applications that can be removed.

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Elham Kiyani jahromi

Postgraduate student of Information Technology, International University Of Asalooyeh

Mahdi Javanmard

Assistant Professor Payam Noor University

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