Porous Breakwater for Sea Defence - A New Concept

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 28 آبان 1384

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The paper discusses on the possible use of partally submerged porous breakwater for sea defence .Both vertical and sloping types (with 40% porosity ) were investigated and found to be effective in controlling wave transmission. In case of vertical type, wave height reduction in the range of 50 to 90 % can be achieved for draft to water depth ratio of the order of 0.3. Further reduction in wave transmission by 20% is possible by adipting an additional row of porous breakwater (with a spacing of 0.75h, h:water depth)porous breakwater inclined at an angle of 35 to water level results in controlling wave the wave transmission remains unchanged compared to results obtained with a row of sloping breakwater.



Associate Professor, Ocwan Engineering Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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